LG Vu3 white 230$-265$ 90%-99%

Asking price:$230.00
******all phone warranty 1 month*****
******full accessory copy free******
******full accessory original 100% =6$******
Seller name: Pelin
Phone: (+855)92-891-991,(+855)97-777-4449
Address: No. B56E3Eo, St 230
Member since: 10-Jun-2014 17:40:40
Last login: 17-Sep-2014 08:15:47
Classified id: 1404293688
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Asking price: $230.00
Quantity available: 1
Posted date: 02-Jul-2014
Expiration Date: 02-Aug-2014
Renew date: 02-Jul-2014

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